Speedup Multi-CoreΒΆ

Speedup Multi-Core throughput graphs are generated by multiple executions of the same performance tests across physical testbeds hosted LF FD.io labs: 3n-hsw, 2n-skx, 2n-skx. Grouped bars illustrate the 64B/78B packet throughput speedup ratio for 2- and 4-core multi- threaded VPP configurations relative to 1-core configurations.


Test results have been generated by FD.io test executor vpp performance job 3n-hsw, FD.io test executor vpp performance job 3n-skx and FD.io test executor vpp performance job 2n-skx with RF result files csit-vpp-perf-1807-*.zip archived here. Required per test case data set size is 10, but for VPP tests the actual size varies per test case and is <=10. This is due to not all test executions completing successfully due to a known VPP-1361 issue sporadically impacting physical interface up/down state.