Virtual Topologies

CSIT DMM functional tests are executed in VM-based virtual topologies created on demand using VIRL simulation platform contributed by Cisco. VIRL runs on physical baremetal servers hosted by LF FD.io project.

All tests are executed in three-node virtual test topology shown in the figure below.


SUT1 and SUT2 are two VMs (running Ubuntu), TG is a Traffic Generator VM (running Ubuntu). SUTs run sample server-client application using the DMM libraries in Linux user- mode as a Device Under Test (DUT) within the VM. Currently TG node is not being used in DMM-CSIT. Network connectivity between SUTs and to TG is provided using virtual NICs and VMs’ virtio drivers.

Functional Tests Coverage

CSIT-18.07 includes following DMM functionality tested in virtual VM environment:

Functionality Description
DMM basic operation DMM has only one test case right now. The testcase demonstrates single server[DUT1] and single client[DUT2] scenario using DMM framework and kernel tcp/ip stack. Test case count: 1.