Packet ThroughputΒΆ

Throughput graphs are generated by multiple executions of the same performance tests across physical testbeds hosted LF labs: 3n-hsw, 2n-skx, 2n-skx. Box-and-Whisker plots are used to display variations in measured throughput values, without making any assumptions of the underlying statistical distribution.

For each test case, Box-and-Whisker plots show the quartiles (Min, 1st quartile / 25th percentile, 2nd quartile / 50th percentile / mean, 3rd quartile / 75th percentile, Max) across collected data set. Outliers are plotted as individual points.

Additional information about graph data:

  1. Graph Title: describes tested packet path, testbed topology, processor model, NIC model, packet size, number of cores and threads used by data plane workers and indication of DPDK DUT configuration.
  2. X-axis Labels: indices of individual test suites as listed in Graph Legend.
  3. Y-axis Labels: measured Packets Per Second [pps] throughput values.
  4. Graph Legend: lists X-axis indices with associated CSIT test suites executed to generate graphed test results.


Test results have been generated by test executor dpdk performance job 3n-hsw, test executor dpdk performance job 3n-skx and test executor dpdk performance job 2n-skx with RF result files csit-dpdk-perf-1807-*.zip archived here. Required per test case data set size is 10 and for DPDK tests this is the actual size, as all scheduled test executions completed successfully.