Release Notes

Changes in CSIT-2110


    • Flow based tests: Added functional flow based tests ( IPv4 GTPU, IPv4 IPSEC, IPv4 L2TPV3OIP, IPv4 NTUPLE TCP/UDP, IPv4 TCP/UDP, IPv6 NTUPLE TCP/UDP, IPv6 TCP/UDP).

    • Intel E810-C: Added 2 * Intel E810-2CQDA2 NIC cards into 1n-skx testbeds.

    • Suite generator: CSIT suite generator extended to cover also VPP device jobs. It is possible to generate NIC/driver suite combinations per definition lists. Job specifications added to control test being run on per patch.

Known Issues

List of known issues in CSIT-2110 for VPP functional tests in VPP Device:



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