Speedup Multi-CoreΒΆ

Speedup Multi-Core throughput graphs are generated by multiple executions of the same performance tests across physical testbeds hosted LF FD.io labs: 2n-skx, 3n-skx, 2n-clx, 3n-tsh, 2n-tx2, 2n-zn2. Grouped bars illustrate the 64B packet throughput speedup ratio for 2- and 4-core multi-threaded DPDK configurations relative to 1-core configurations.

Additional information about graph data:

  1. Graph Title: describes tested packet path, testbed topology, processor model, NIC model, packet size used by data plane workers and indication of VPP DUT configuration.

  2. X-axis Labels: number of cores.

  3. Y-axis Labels: measured Packets Per Second [pps] throughput values.

  4. Graph Legend: lists CSIT test suites executed to generate graphed test results.

  5. Hover Information: lists number of runs executed, specific test substring, mean value of the measured packet throughput, calculated perfect throughput value, difference between measured and perfect values and relative speedup value.