Report HistoryΒΆ CSIT-2110 Report history and per .[ww] revision changes are listed below.

.[ww] Revision



  1. Added 3n-icx data, graphs and tables.


  1. Added iterative data for 2n-icx.

  2. Added boxpoints to all box graphs.


  1. Added coverage data for 2n-tx2 and 2n-zn2.

  2. Added 2n-zn2 runs of 2106.rel retested in CSIT.2110 environment.

  3. Added 4t2c tests for 2n-aws and 3n-aws in Packet Throughput.

  4. Added DPDK Speedup Multi-Core graphs.


Initial revision CSIT Reports follow CSIT-[yy][mm].[ww] numbering format, with version denoted by concatenation of two digit year [yy] and two digit month [mm], and maintenance revision identified by two digit calendar week number [ww].