FD.io VPP  v17.04-9-g99c0734
Vector Packet Processing
vhost_user_main_t Struct Reference
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Data Fields

u32 mtu_bytes
u32 coalesce_frames
f64 coalesce_time
int dont_dump_vhost_user_memory
u32 input_cpu_first_index
 first cpu index More...
u32 input_cpu_count
 total cpu count More...
 Per-CPU data for vhost-user. More...
u32 random
 Pseudo random iterator. More...
u8 interrupt_mode

Detailed Description

Definition at line 311 of file vhost-user.h.

Field Documentation

u32 vhost_user_main_t::coalesce_frames

Definition at line 316 of file vhost-user.h.

f64 vhost_user_main_t::coalesce_time

Definition at line 317 of file vhost-user.h.

vhost_cpu_t* vhost_user_main_t::cpus

Per-CPU data for vhost-user.

Definition at line 327 of file vhost-user.h.

int vhost_user_main_t::dont_dump_vhost_user_memory

Definition at line 318 of file vhost-user.h.

u32 vhost_user_main_t::input_cpu_count

total cpu count

Definition at line 324 of file vhost-user.h.

u32 vhost_user_main_t::input_cpu_first_index

first cpu index

Definition at line 321 of file vhost-user.h.

u8 vhost_user_main_t::interrupt_mode

Definition at line 333 of file vhost-user.h.

u32 vhost_user_main_t::mtu_bytes

Definition at line 313 of file vhost-user.h.

u32 vhost_user_main_t::random

Pseudo random iterator.

Definition at line 330 of file vhost-user.h.

u32* vhost_user_main_t::show_dev_instance_by_real_dev_instance

Definition at line 315 of file vhost-user.h.

vhost_user_intf_t* vhost_user_main_t::vhost_user_interfaces

Definition at line 314 of file vhost-user.h.

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