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Vector Packet Processing
vhost_user_intf_t Struct Reference
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Public Member Functions


Data Fields

u32 is_up
u32 admin_up
u32 unix_server_index
u32 unix_file_index
char sock_filename [256]
int sock_errno
u32 hw_if_index
u32 sw_if_index
u64 features
u64 feature_mask
u64 protocol_features
u32 nregions
vhost_user_memory_region_t regions [VHOST_MEMORY_MAX_NREGIONS]
void * region_mmap_addr [VHOST_MEMORY_MAX_NREGIONS]
u64 region_guest_addr_lo [VHOST_MEMORY_MAX_NREGIONS]
u64 region_guest_addr_hi [VHOST_MEMORY_MAX_NREGIONS]
u32 region_mmap_fd [VHOST_MEMORY_MAX_NREGIONS]
vhost_user_vring_t vrings [VHOST_VRING_MAX_N]
volatile u32vring_locks [VHOST_VRING_MAX_N]
int virtio_net_hdr_sz
int is_any_layout
void * log_base_addr
u64 log_size
u8 use_tx_spinlock
u8 operation_mode

Detailed Description

Definition at line 221 of file vhost-user.h.

Member Function Documentation

vhost_user_intf_t::CLIB_CACHE_LINE_ALIGN_MARK ( cacheline0  )

Field Documentation

u32 vhost_user_intf_t::admin_up

Definition at line 225 of file vhost-user.h.

u64 vhost_user_intf_t::feature_mask

Definition at line 234 of file vhost-user.h.

u64 vhost_user_intf_t::features

Definition at line 233 of file vhost-user.h.

u32 vhost_user_intf_t::hw_if_index

Definition at line 230 of file vhost-user.h.

int vhost_user_intf_t::is_any_layout

Definition at line 250 of file vhost-user.h.

u32 vhost_user_intf_t::is_up

Definition at line 224 of file vhost-user.h.

void* vhost_user_intf_t::log_base_addr

Definition at line 252 of file vhost-user.h.

u64 vhost_user_intf_t::log_size

Definition at line 253 of file vhost-user.h.

u32 vhost_user_intf_t::nregions

Definition at line 238 of file vhost-user.h.

u8 vhost_user_intf_t::operation_mode

Definition at line 262 of file vhost-user.h.

u16* vhost_user_intf_t::per_cpu_tx_qid

Definition at line 257 of file vhost-user.h.

u64 vhost_user_intf_t::protocol_features

Definition at line 235 of file vhost-user.h.

u64 vhost_user_intf_t::region_guest_addr_hi[VHOST_MEMORY_MAX_NREGIONS]

Definition at line 242 of file vhost-user.h.

u64 vhost_user_intf_t::region_guest_addr_lo[VHOST_MEMORY_MAX_NREGIONS]

Definition at line 241 of file vhost-user.h.

void* vhost_user_intf_t::region_mmap_addr[VHOST_MEMORY_MAX_NREGIONS]

Definition at line 240 of file vhost-user.h.

u32 vhost_user_intf_t::region_mmap_fd[VHOST_MEMORY_MAX_NREGIONS]

Definition at line 243 of file vhost-user.h.

vhost_user_memory_region_t vhost_user_intf_t::regions[VHOST_MEMORY_MAX_NREGIONS]

Definition at line 239 of file vhost-user.h.

int vhost_user_intf_t::sock_errno

Definition at line 229 of file vhost-user.h.

char vhost_user_intf_t::sock_filename[256]

Definition at line 228 of file vhost-user.h.

u32 vhost_user_intf_t::sw_if_index

Definition at line 230 of file vhost-user.h.

u32 vhost_user_intf_t::unix_file_index

Definition at line 227 of file vhost-user.h.

u32 vhost_user_intf_t::unix_server_index

Definition at line 226 of file vhost-user.h.

u8 vhost_user_intf_t::use_tx_spinlock

Definition at line 256 of file vhost-user.h.

int vhost_user_intf_t::virtio_net_hdr_sz

Definition at line 249 of file vhost-user.h.

volatile u32* vhost_user_intf_t::vring_locks[VHOST_VRING_MAX_N]

Definition at line 247 of file vhost-user.h.

vhost_user_vring_t vhost_user_intf_t::vrings[VHOST_VRING_MAX_N]

Definition at line 246 of file vhost-user.h.

u32* vhost_user_intf_t::workers

Definition at line 260 of file vhost-user.h.

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