Performance graphs are generated by multiple executions of the same performance tests across physical testbeds hosted LF labs: 3n-hsw. Box-and-Whisker plots are used to display variations in measured throughput values, without making any assumptions of the underlying statistical distribution.

For each test case, Box-and-Whisker plots show the quartiles (Min, 1st quartile / 25th percentile, 2nd quartile / 50th percentile / mean, 3rd quartile / 75th percentile, Max) across collected data set. Outliers are plotted as individual points.

Additional information about graph data:

  1. X-axis Labels: indices of individual test suites as listed in Graph Legend.
  2. Y-axis Labels: measured Connections Per Second [cps] or Requests Per Second [rps] throughput values.
  3. Graph Legend: lists X-axis indices with associated CSIT test suites executed to generate graphed test results.
  4. Hover Information: lists minimum, first quartile, median, third quartile, and maximum. If either type of outlier is present the whisker on the appropriate side is taken to 1.5×IQR from the quartile (the “inner fence”) rather than the max or min, and individual outlying data points are displayed as unfilled circles (for suspected outliers) or filled circles (for outliers). (The “outer fence” is 3×IQR from the quartile.)


Data sources for reported test results: i) test executor vpp performance job 2n-skx, ii) archived jobs test result output files.

CSIT source code for the test cases used for plots can be found in CSIT git repository.

Connections per second

Requests per second