Report HistoryΒΆ CSIT-1908 Report history and per .[ww] revision changes are listed below.

.[ww] Revision Changes
  1. Presented results of VNF Service Chains reconfiguration tests were replaced by the link to CSIT-1908.1.40 report presenting results of these tests re-run on VPP 19.08.1.
  1. Added data:
    • NFV Density, 2n-skx
    • NFV Density with reconfiguration, 2n-skx
    • VPP performance MRR, 3n-tsh
  2. Added plots:
    • Reconfiguration of VNF Service Chains
  3. Added methodology for Reconfiguration Tests
  1. Fixes in comparison tables.
  2. Added data:
    • 2n-dnv and 3n-dnv, ndrpdr and mrr
    • soak tests
    • 2n-skx, 3n-skx and 3n-hsw, ndrpdr
  3. Added Vhost data for 2n-skx, 3n-skx and 3n-hsw, ndrpdr
.36 Initial version CSIT Reports follow CSIT-[yy][mm].[ww] numbering format, with version denoted by concatenation of two digit year [yy] and two digit month [mm], and maintenance revision identified by two digit calendar week number [ww].