Release Notes


CSIT-1904.1 report was generated with a single run of selected 64B frame performance tests on 3n-hsw and 3n-skx test beds in order to spot-check the main data plane paths. NFV service density and soak tests were not run and do not feature in this report.

Known Issues

List of known issues in CSIT-1904.1 for VPP performance tests:

# JiraID Issue Description
1 CSIT-570 Sporadic (1 in 200) NDR discovery test failures on x520. DPDK reporting rx-errors, indicating L1 issue. Suspected issue with HW combination of X710-X520 in LF testbeds. Not observed outside of LF testbeds.
2 VPP-1563 AVF L2patch tests are failing for all packet size and core combination. Reason: null-node blackholed packets in show error.
3 CSIT-1465 4c VPP VM vhost tests failiing on 3n-skx