Setting your ENV Variables

The Vagrant File used in the VPP repo sets the configuration options based on your ENV (environment) variables, or to default the configuration at specified values if your ENV variables are not initialized (if you did not run the script found below).

This is the script found in vpp/extras/vagrant. When run, the script sets ENV variables using the export command.

export VPP_VAGRANT_DISTRO="ubuntu1604"

In the Vagrant File, you can see these same ENV variables used (discussed on the next page).

Adding your own ENV variables is easy. For example, if you wanted to setup proxies for your VM, you would add to this file the export commands found in the building VPP commands section. Note that this only works if the ENV variable is defined in the Vagrant File.

Once you’re finished with script, and you are in the directory containing, run the script to set the ENV variables with:

$ source ./