Getting Started

The Getting Started Guide is comprised of several different sections; a User section that describes a basic installation and configuration of VPP (either manually or using a config utility), another install for Developers, which contains additional code that provides tools that are used in a development environment.

This section covers the following:

  • Describes how to manually install VPP Binaries on different OS platforms (Ubuntu, Centos) and then how to configure and use VPP.

  • Describes the different types of VPP packages, which are used in both basic and developer installs.

  • A VPP tutorial which is a great way to learn VPP basics.

The Users section covers configuration operations; this

  • How to configure and Run VPP manually.

  • How to use the Configuration Utility to install, and then configure VPP.

The Developers section covers the following areas:

  • Building VPP

  • Describes the components of the four VPP layers

  • How to Create, Add, Enable/Disable features

  • Discusses different aspects of Bounded-index Extensible Hashing (bihash)

The Writing VPP Documentation section covers the following topics:

  • How to build VPP documents

  • How to push your changes to the VPP Docs Repository

  • Identifies the different styles associated to reStructuredText

  • Identifies the different styles associated to Markdown