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Vector Packet Processing
lcp.api File Reference

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Data Structures

struct  vl_api_lcp_default_ns_set_t
 Set the default Linux Control Plane namespace. More...
struct  vl_api_lcp_default_ns_get_t
 get the default Linux Control Plane namespace More...
struct  vl_api_lcp_default_ns_get_reply_t
 get the default Linux Control Plane namespace More...
struct  vl_api_lcp_itf_pair_add_del_t
 Add or delete a Linux Conrol Plane interface pair. More...
struct  vl_api_lcp_itf_pair_get_t
 Dump Linux Control Plane interface pair data. More...
struct  vl_api_lcp_itf_pair_get_reply_t
struct  vl_api_lcp_itf_pair_details_t
 Linux Control Plane interface pair dump response. More...
struct  vl_api_lcp_itf_pair_replace_begin_t
 Replace end/begin. More...
struct  vl_api_lcp_itf_pair_replace_end_t


enum  lcp_itf_host_type : u8 { LCP_API_ITF_HOST_TAP = 0, LCP_API_ITF_HOST_TUN = 1 }


option version = "1.0.0"
import vnet interface_types api
counters linuxcp
type counter64
units packets
description ARP replies copied to host

Enumeration Type Documentation

◆ lcp_itf_host_type


Definition at line 57 of file lcp.api.

Variable Documentation

◆ api

import vnet interface_types api

Definition at line 22 of file lcp.api.

◆ copies

Initial value:
severity info

Definition at line 149 of file lcp.api.

◆ counter64

type counter64

Definition at line 151 of file lcp.api.

◆ host

description ARP replies copied to host

Definition at line 153 of file lcp.api.

◆ linuxcp

err linux cp arp host linuxcp
Initial value:
severity info;
units "packets";
description "ARP packets processed";

Definition at line 142 of file lcp.api.

◆ packets

units packets

Definition at line 152 of file lcp.api.

◆ paths

Initial value:
"/err/linux-cp-arp-phy" "linuxcp"

Definition at line 157 of file lcp.api.

◆ service

Initial value:
rpc lcp_itf_pair_get returns lcp_itf_pair_get_reply
stream lcp_itf_pair_details

Definition at line 121 of file lcp.api.

◆ version

option version = "1.0.0"

Definition at line 20 of file lcp.api.

units packets
Definition: lcp.api:152
lcp_itf_pair_t * lcp_itf_pair_get(u32 index)
Get an interface-pair object from its VPP index.
Definition: lcp_interface.c:141
type counter64
Definition: lcp.api:151
vl_api_fib_path_type_t type
Definition: fib_types.api:123