2.50. test_ip4_irb module

IRB Test Case HLD:

  • L2 MAC learning enabled in l2bd

  • 2 routed interfaces untagged, bvi (Bridge Virtual Interface)

  • 2 bridged interfaces in l2bd with bvi

  • sending ip4 eth pkts between routed interfaces
    • 2 routed interfaces

    • 2 bridged interfaces

  • 64B, 512B, 1518B, 9200B (ether_size)

  • burst of pkts per interface
    • 257pkts per burst

    • routed pkts hitting different FIB entries

    • bridged pkts hitting different MAC entries

  • all packets received correctly

class test_ip4_irb.TestIpIrb(methodName='runTest')

Bases: framework.VppTestCase

IRB Test Case

create_stream(src_ip_if, dst_ip_if, packet_sizes)
create_stream_l2_to_ip(src_l2_if, src_ip_if, dst_ip_if, packet_sizes)
classmethod setUpClass()
  1. Create BD with MAC learning enabled and put interfaces to this BD.

  2. Configure IPv4 addresses on BVI interface and routed interface.

  3. Configure MAC address binding to IPv4 neighbors on bvi0.

  4. Configure MAC address on pg2.

  5. BVI interface has remote hosts, one half of hosts are behind pg0 second behind pg1.


Allow subclass specific teardown logging additions.


Run standard test teardown and log show l2patch, show l2fib verbose,``show bridge-domain <bd_id> detail``, show ip neighbors.

classmethod tearDownClass()

Perform final cleanup after running all tests in this test-case


IPv4 IRB test 1

Test scenario:
  • ip traffic from pg2 interface must ends in both pg0 and pg1

  • arp entry present in bvi0 interface for destination IP

  • no l2 entry configured, pg0 and pg1 are same


IPv4 IRB test 2

Test scenario:
  • ip traffic from pg0 and pg1 ends on pg2

verify_capture(dst_ip_if, src_ip_if, capture)
verify_capture_l2_to_ip(dst_ip_if, src_ip_if, capture)