FD.io VPP  v20.01-48-g3e0dafb74
Vector Packet Processing
vl_api_nsim_configure_t Struct Reference

configure the network delay simulation cross-connect More...

Data Fields

u32 client_index
u32 context
u32 delay_in_usec
u32 average_packet_size
u64 bandwidth_in_bits_per_second
u32 packets_per_drop
option vat_help = "delay <time> bandwidth <bw> [packet-size <nn>] [packets-per-drop <nnnn>]"

Detailed Description

configure the network delay simulation cross-connect

Template Parameters
client_index- opaque cookie to identify the sender
context- sender context, to match reply w/ request
delay_in_usec- microseconds of link delay to simulate
average_packet_size- average packet size for wheel sizing
bandwidth_in_bits_per_second- bps for wheel sizing

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Field Documentation

◆ average_packet_size

u32 vl_api_nsim_configure_t::average_packet_size

Definition at line 72 of file nsim.api.

◆ bandwidth_in_bits_per_second

u64 vl_api_nsim_configure_t::bandwidth_in_bits_per_second

Definition at line 73 of file nsim.api.

◆ client_index

u32 vl_api_nsim_configure_t::client_index

Definition at line 65 of file nsim.api.

◆ context

u32 vl_api_nsim_configure_t::context

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◆ delay_in_usec

u32 vl_api_nsim_configure_t::delay_in_usec

Definition at line 71 of file nsim.api.

◆ packets_per_drop

u32 vl_api_nsim_configure_t::packets_per_drop

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◆ vat_help

option vl_api_nsim_configure_t::vat_help = "delay <time> bandwidth <bw> [packet-size <nn>] [packets-per-drop <nnnn>]"

Definition at line 75 of file nsim.api.

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