FD.io VPP  v18.11-rc0-18-g2a3fb1a
Vector Packet Processing
vl_msg_api_msg_config_t Struct Reference

Message configuration definition. More...

Data Fields

int id
 the message ID More...
char * name
 the message name More...
u32 crc
 message definition CRC More...
void * handler
 the message handler More...
void * cleanup
 non-default message cleanup handler More...
void * endian
 message endian function More...
void * print
 message print function More...
int size
 message size More...
int traced
 is this message to be traced? More...
int replay
 is this message to be replayed? More...
int message_bounce
 do not free message after processing More...
int is_mp_safe
 worker thread barrier required? More...

Detailed Description

Message configuration definition.

Definition at line 118 of file api_common.h.

Field Documentation

void* vl_msg_api_msg_config_t::cleanup

non-default message cleanup handler

Definition at line 124 of file api_common.h.

u32 vl_msg_api_msg_config_t::crc

message definition CRC

Definition at line 122 of file api_common.h.

void* vl_msg_api_msg_config_t::endian

message endian function

Definition at line 125 of file api_common.h.

void* vl_msg_api_msg_config_t::handler

the message handler

Definition at line 123 of file api_common.h.

int vl_msg_api_msg_config_t::id

the message ID

Definition at line 120 of file api_common.h.

int vl_msg_api_msg_config_t::is_mp_safe

worker thread barrier required?

Definition at line 131 of file api_common.h.

int vl_msg_api_msg_config_t::message_bounce

do not free message after processing

Definition at line 130 of file api_common.h.

char* vl_msg_api_msg_config_t::name

the message name

Definition at line 121 of file api_common.h.

void* vl_msg_api_msg_config_t::print

message print function

Definition at line 126 of file api_common.h.

int vl_msg_api_msg_config_t::replay

is this message to be replayed?

Definition at line 129 of file api_common.h.

int vl_msg_api_msg_config_t::size

message size

Definition at line 127 of file api_common.h.

int vl_msg_api_msg_config_t::traced

is this message to be traced?

Definition at line 128 of file api_common.h.

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