FD.io VPP  v18.07-34-g55fbdb9
Vector Packet Processing
vl_api_ip_add_del_route_t Struct Reference

Add / del route request. More...

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Data Fields

u32 client_index
u32 context
u32 next_hop_sw_if_index
u32 table_id
u32 classify_table_index
u32 next_hop_table_id
u32 next_hop_id
u8 is_add
u8 is_drop
u8 is_unreach
u8 is_prohibit
u8 is_ipv6
u8 is_local
u8 is_classify
u8 is_multipath
u8 is_resolve_host
u8 is_resolve_attached
u8 is_dvr
u8 is_source_lookup
u8 is_udp_encap
u8 next_hop_weight
u8 next_hop_preference
u8 next_hop_proto
u8 dst_address_length
u8 dst_address [16]
u8 next_hop_address [16]
u8 next_hop_n_out_labels
u32 next_hop_via_label
vl_api_fib_mpls_label_t next_hop_out_label_stack [next_hop_n_out_labels]

Detailed Description

Add / del route request.

Template Parameters
client_index- opaque cookie to identify the sender
context- sender context, to match reply w/ request
sw_if_index- software index of the new vlan's parent interface
vrf_id- fib table /vrf associated with the route
is_add- 1 if adding the route, 0 if deleting
is_drop- Drop the packet
is_unreach- Drop the packet and rate limit send ICMP unreachable
is_prohibit- Drop the packet and rate limit send ICMP prohibited
is_ipv6- 0 if an ip4 route, else ip6
is_local- The route will result in packets sent to VPP IP stack
is_udp_encap- The path describes a UDP-o-IP encapsulation.
is_multipath- Set to 1 if this is a multipath route, else 0
is_dvr- Does the route resolve via a DVR interface.
is_source_lookup- The the path is a deaggregate path (i.e. a lookup in another table) is the lookup on the packet's source address or destination.
next_hop_weight- Weight for Unequal cost multi-path
next_hop_preference- Path that are up that have the best preference are are used for forwarding. lower value is better.
next_hop_id- Used when the path resolves via an object that has a unique identifier.
next_hop_n_out_labels- the number of labels in the label stack
next_hop_out_label_stack- the next-hop output label stack, outer most first
next_hop_via_label- The next-hop is a resolved via a local label

Definition at line 392 of file ip.api.

Field Documentation

u32 vl_api_ip_add_del_route_t::classify_table_index

Definition at line 398 of file ip.api.

u32 vl_api_ip_add_del_route_t::client_index

Definition at line 394 of file ip.api.

u32 vl_api_ip_add_del_route_t::context

Definition at line 395 of file ip.api.

u8 vl_api_ip_add_del_route_t::dst_address[16]

Definition at line 418 of file ip.api.

u8 vl_api_ip_add_del_route_t::dst_address_length

Definition at line 417 of file ip.api.

u8 vl_api_ip_add_del_route_t::is_add

Definition at line 401 of file ip.api.

u8 vl_api_ip_add_del_route_t::is_classify

Definition at line 407 of file ip.api.

u8 vl_api_ip_add_del_route_t::is_drop

Definition at line 402 of file ip.api.

u8 vl_api_ip_add_del_route_t::is_dvr

Definition at line 411 of file ip.api.

u8 vl_api_ip_add_del_route_t::is_ipv6

Definition at line 405 of file ip.api.

u8 vl_api_ip_add_del_route_t::is_local

Definition at line 406 of file ip.api.

u8 vl_api_ip_add_del_route_t::is_multipath

Definition at line 408 of file ip.api.

u8 vl_api_ip_add_del_route_t::is_prohibit

Definition at line 404 of file ip.api.

u8 vl_api_ip_add_del_route_t::is_resolve_attached

Definition at line 410 of file ip.api.

u8 vl_api_ip_add_del_route_t::is_resolve_host

Definition at line 409 of file ip.api.

u8 vl_api_ip_add_del_route_t::is_source_lookup

Definition at line 412 of file ip.api.

u8 vl_api_ip_add_del_route_t::is_udp_encap

Definition at line 413 of file ip.api.

u8 vl_api_ip_add_del_route_t::is_unreach

Definition at line 403 of file ip.api.

u8 vl_api_ip_add_del_route_t::next_hop_address[16]

Definition at line 419 of file ip.api.

u32 vl_api_ip_add_del_route_t::next_hop_id

Definition at line 400 of file ip.api.

u8 vl_api_ip_add_del_route_t::next_hop_n_out_labels

Definition at line 420 of file ip.api.

vl_api_fib_mpls_label_t vl_api_ip_add_del_route_t::next_hop_out_label_stack[next_hop_n_out_labels]

Definition at line 422 of file ip.api.

u8 vl_api_ip_add_del_route_t::next_hop_preference

Definition at line 415 of file ip.api.

u8 vl_api_ip_add_del_route_t::next_hop_proto

Definition at line 416 of file ip.api.

u32 vl_api_ip_add_del_route_t::next_hop_sw_if_index

Definition at line 396 of file ip.api.

u32 vl_api_ip_add_del_route_t::next_hop_table_id

Definition at line 399 of file ip.api.

u32 vl_api_ip_add_del_route_t::next_hop_via_label

Definition at line 421 of file ip.api.

u8 vl_api_ip_add_del_route_t::next_hop_weight

Definition at line 414 of file ip.api.

u32 vl_api_ip_add_del_route_t::table_id

Definition at line 397 of file ip.api.

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