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Vector Packet Processing
vlib_process_t Struct Reference
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Data Fields

vlib_node_runtime_t node_runtime
clib_longjmp_t return_longjmp
clib_longjmp_t resume_longjmp
u16 flags
u16 log2_n_stack_bytes
u32 suspended_process_frame_index
u32 n_suspends
void ** pending_event_data_by_type_index
u64 resume_clock_interval
u32 stop_timer_handle
uword output_function_arg

Detailed Description

Definition at line 528 of file node.h.

Field Documentation


Definition at line 603 of file node.h.

uword* vlib_process_t::event_type_index_by_type_opaque

Definition at line 572 of file node.h.

vlib_process_event_type_t* vlib_process_t::event_type_pool

Definition at line 575 of file node.h.

u16 vlib_process_t::flags

Definition at line 544 of file node.h.

u16 vlib_process_t::log2_n_stack_bytes

Definition at line 554 of file node.h.

u32 vlib_process_t::n_suspends

Definition at line 559 of file node.h.

vlib_node_runtime_t vlib_process_t::node_runtime

Definition at line 531 of file node.h.

uword* vlib_process_t::non_empty_event_type_bitmap

Definition at line 565 of file node.h.

uword* vlib_process_t::one_time_event_type_bitmap

Definition at line 568 of file node.h.

vlib_cli_output_function_t* vlib_process_t::output_function

Definition at line 588 of file node.h.

uword vlib_process_t::output_function_arg

Definition at line 589 of file node.h.

void** vlib_process_t::pending_event_data_by_type_index

Definition at line 562 of file node.h.

u64 vlib_process_t::resume_clock_interval

Definition at line 581 of file node.h.

clib_longjmp_t vlib_process_t::resume_longjmp

Definition at line 540 of file node.h.

clib_longjmp_t vlib_process_t::return_longjmp

Definition at line 534 of file node.h.

u32 vlib_process_t::stop_timer_handle

Definition at line 584 of file node.h.

u32 vlib_process_t::suspended_process_frame_index

Definition at line 556 of file node.h.

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