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Vector Packet Processing
rd_cp_main_t Struct Reference
+ Collaboration diagram for rd_cp_main_t:

Data Fields

u8 enabled
u8 events_on
u8 api_connected
u32 my_client_index
vlib_log_class_t log_class
u32 node_index

Detailed Description

Definition at line 60 of file rd_cp.c.

Field Documentation

u8 rd_cp_main_t::api_connected

Definition at line 70 of file rd_cp.c.

api_main_t* rd_cp_main_t::api_main

Definition at line 80 of file rd_cp.c.

interface_config_t* rd_cp_main_t::config_by_sw_if_index

Definition at line 65 of file rd_cp.c.

default_route_t* rd_cp_main_t::default_route_pool

Definition at line 67 of file rd_cp.c.

u8 rd_cp_main_t::enabled

Definition at line 62 of file rd_cp.c.

u8 rd_cp_main_t::events_on

Definition at line 63 of file rd_cp.c.

vlib_log_class_t rd_cp_main_t::log_class

Definition at line 75 of file rd_cp.c.

u32 rd_cp_main_t::my_client_index

Definition at line 72 of file rd_cp.c.

u32 rd_cp_main_t::node_index

Definition at line 81 of file rd_cp.c.

slaac_address_t* rd_cp_main_t::slaac_address_pool

Definition at line 66 of file rd_cp.c.

svm_queue_t* rd_cp_main_t::vl_input_queue

Definition at line 71 of file rd_cp.c.

vlib_main_t* rd_cp_main_t::vlib_main

Definition at line 78 of file rd_cp.c.

vnet_main_t* rd_cp_main_t::vnet_main

Definition at line 79 of file rd_cp.c.

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