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Vector Packet Processing
load_balance_main_t_ Struct Reference

The load-balance object represents an ECMP choice. More...

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Data Fields

vlib_combined_counter_main_t lbm_to_counters
vlib_combined_counter_main_t lbm_via_counters

Detailed Description

The load-balance object represents an ECMP choice.

The buckets of a load balance object point to the sub-graph after the choice is made. THe load-balance object is also object type returned from a FIB table lookup. As such it needs to represent the case where there is only one coice. It may seem like overkill to use a load-balance object in this case, but the reason is for performance. If the load-balance object were not the result of the FIB lookup, then some other object would be. The case where there was ECMP this other object would need a load-balance as a parent and hence just add an unnecessary indirection.

It is also the object in the DP that represents a via-fib-entry in a recursive route. Load-balance main

Definition at line 44 of file load_balance.h.

Field Documentation

vlib_combined_counter_main_t load_balance_main_t_::lbm_to_counters

Definition at line 46 of file load_balance.h.

vlib_combined_counter_main_t load_balance_main_t_::lbm_via_counters

Definition at line 47 of file load_balance.h.

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