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Vector Packet Processing
vnet_feature_main_t Struct Reference
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Data Fields

 feature arc configuration list More...
uword ** arc_index_by_name
 feature path configuration lists More...
vnet_feature_registration_t ** next_feature_by_arc
uword ** next_feature_by_name
 feature config main objects More...
char *** feature_nodes
 Save partial order results for show command. More...
uword ** sw_if_index_has_features
 bitmap of interfaces which have driver rx features configured More...
i16 ** feature_count_by_sw_if_index
 feature reference counts by interface More...
u8 device_input_feature_arc_index
 Feature arc index for device-input. More...
 convenience More...

Detailed Description

Definition at line 69 of file feature.h.

Field Documentation

uword** vnet_feature_main_t::arc_index_by_name

Definition at line 73 of file feature.h.

u8 vnet_feature_main_t::device_input_feature_arc_index

Feature arc index for device-input.

Definition at line 93 of file feature.h.

vnet_feature_config_main_t* vnet_feature_main_t::feature_config_mains

feature config main objects

Definition at line 81 of file feature.h.

i16** vnet_feature_main_t::feature_count_by_sw_if_index

feature reference counts by interface

Definition at line 90 of file feature.h.

char*** vnet_feature_main_t::feature_nodes

Save partial order results for show command.

Definition at line 84 of file feature.h.

vnet_feature_arc_registration_t* vnet_feature_main_t::next_arc

feature arc configuration list

Definition at line 72 of file feature.h.

vnet_feature_registration_t* vnet_feature_main_t::next_feature

feature path configuration lists

Definition at line 76 of file feature.h.

vnet_feature_registration_t** vnet_feature_main_t::next_feature_by_arc

Definition at line 77 of file feature.h.

uword** vnet_feature_main_t::next_feature_by_name

Definition at line 78 of file feature.h.

uword** vnet_feature_main_t::sw_if_index_has_features

bitmap of interfaces which have driver rx features configured

Definition at line 87 of file feature.h.

vlib_main_t* vnet_feature_main_t::vlib_main


Definition at line 96 of file feature.h.

vnet_main_t* vnet_feature_main_t::vnet_main

Definition at line 97 of file feature.h.

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