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Vector Packet Processing
vector_avx512.h File Reference
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#define foreach_avx512_vec512i   _(i,8,64,epi8) _(i,16,32,epi16) _(i,32,16,epi32) _(i,64,8,epi64)
#define foreach_avx512_vec512u   _(u,8,64,epi8) _(u,16,32,epi16) _(u,32,16,epi32) _(u,64,8,epi64)
#define foreach_avx512_vec512f   _(f,32,8,ps) _(f,64,4,pd)


foreach_avx512_vec512i foreach_avx512_vec512u static_always_inline u32 u16x32_msb_mask (u16x32 v)

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#define foreach_avx512_vec512f   _(f,32,8,ps) _(f,64,4,pd)

Definition at line 27 of file vector_avx512.h.

#define foreach_avx512_vec512i   _(i,8,64,epi8) _(i,16,32,epi16) _(i,32,16,epi32) _(i,64,8,epi64)

Definition at line 23 of file vector_avx512.h.

#define foreach_avx512_vec512u   _(u,8,64,epi8) _(u,16,32,epi16) _(u,32,16,epi32) _(u,64,8,epi64)

Definition at line 25 of file vector_avx512.h.

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Definition at line 67 of file vector_avx512.h.

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