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Vector Packet Processing
pg_stream_t Struct Reference
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Data Fields

u32 flags
pg_edit_type_t packet_size_edit_type
u32 min_packet_bytes
u32 max_packet_bytes
u32 buffer_bytes
u32 last_increment_packet_size
u32 pg_if_index
u32 sw_if_index [VLIB_N_RX_TX]
u32 node_index
u32 worker_index
u32 next_index
u32 if_id
u64 n_packets_generated
u64 n_packets_limit
f64 rate_packets_per_second
f64 time_last_generate
f64 packet_accumulator
u8 ** replay_packet_templates
u32 current_replay_packet_index

Detailed Description

Definition at line 96 of file pg.h.

Field Documentation

u32 pg_stream_t::buffer_bytes

Definition at line 127 of file pg.h.

pg_buffer_index_t* pg_stream_t::buffer_indices

Definition at line 169 of file pg.h.

u32 pg_stream_t::current_replay_packet_index

Definition at line 173 of file pg.h.

pg_edit_group_t* pg_stream_t::edit_groups

Definition at line 109 of file pg.h.

u8* pg_stream_t::fixed_packet_data

Definition at line 123 of file pg.h.

u8 * pg_stream_t::fixed_packet_data_mask

Definition at line 123 of file pg.h.

u32 pg_stream_t::flags

Definition at line 101 of file pg.h.

u32 pg_stream_t::if_id

Definition at line 152 of file pg.h.

u32 pg_stream_t::last_increment_packet_size

Definition at line 130 of file pg.h.

u32 pg_stream_t::max_packet_bytes

Definition at line 114 of file pg.h.

u32 pg_stream_t::min_packet_bytes

Definition at line 114 of file pg.h.

u64 pg_stream_t::n_packets_generated

Definition at line 155 of file pg.h.

u64 pg_stream_t::n_packets_limit

Definition at line 159 of file pg.h.

u8* pg_stream_t::name

Definition at line 99 of file pg.h.

u32 pg_stream_t::next_index

Definition at line 150 of file pg.h.

u32 pg_stream_t::node_index

Definition at line 144 of file pg.h.

pg_edit_t* pg_stream_t::non_fixed_edits

Definition at line 118 of file pg.h.

f64 pg_stream_t::packet_accumulator

Definition at line 167 of file pg.h.

pg_edit_type_t pg_stream_t::packet_size_edit_type

Definition at line 111 of file pg.h.

u32 pg_stream_t::pg_if_index

Definition at line 133 of file pg.h.

f64 pg_stream_t::rate_packets_per_second

Definition at line 163 of file pg.h.

u8** pg_stream_t::replay_packet_templates

Definition at line 171 of file pg.h.

u64* pg_stream_t::replay_packet_timestamps

Definition at line 172 of file pg.h.

u32 pg_stream_t::sw_if_index[VLIB_N_RX_TX]

Definition at line 141 of file pg.h.

f64 pg_stream_t::time_last_generate

Definition at line 165 of file pg.h.

u32 pg_stream_t::worker_index

Definition at line 147 of file pg.h.

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