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Vector Packet Processing
clib_anneal_param_t Struct Reference

Data Fields

f64 initial_temperature
f64 temperature_step
u32 number_of_temperatures
u32 number_of_configurations_per_temperature
u32 flags
u32 random_seed
void * opaque
f64 final_temperature
f64 final_metric
f64 suggested_initial_temperature
f64(* anneal_metric )(void *opaque)
void(* anneal_new_configuration )(void *opaque)
void(* anneal_restore_previous_configuration )(void *opaque)
void(* anneal_save_best_configuration )(void *opaque)
void(* anneal_restore_best_configuration )(void *opaque)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 25 of file anneal.h.

Field Documentation

f64(* clib_anneal_param_t::anneal_metric) (void *opaque)

Definition at line 63 of file anneal.h.

void(* clib_anneal_param_t::anneal_new_configuration) (void *opaque)

Definition at line 66 of file anneal.h.

void(* clib_anneal_param_t::anneal_restore_best_configuration) (void *opaque)

Definition at line 75 of file anneal.h.

void(* clib_anneal_param_t::anneal_restore_previous_configuration) (void *opaque)

Definition at line 69 of file anneal.h.

void(* clib_anneal_param_t::anneal_save_best_configuration) (void *opaque)

Definition at line 72 of file anneal.h.

f64 clib_anneal_param_t::final_metric

Definition at line 54 of file anneal.h.

f64 clib_anneal_param_t::final_temperature

Definition at line 51 of file anneal.h.

u32 clib_anneal_param_t::flags

Definition at line 39 of file anneal.h.

f64 clib_anneal_param_t::initial_temperature

Definition at line 28 of file anneal.h.

u32 clib_anneal_param_t::number_of_configurations_per_temperature

Definition at line 37 of file anneal.h.

u32 clib_anneal_param_t::number_of_temperatures

Definition at line 34 of file anneal.h.

void* clib_anneal_param_t::opaque

Definition at line 48 of file anneal.h.

u32 clib_anneal_param_t::random_seed

Definition at line 45 of file anneal.h.

f64 clib_anneal_param_t::suggested_initial_temperature

Definition at line 57 of file anneal.h.

f64 clib_anneal_param_t::temperature_step

Definition at line 31 of file anneal.h.

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