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Vector Packet Processing
dpdk_device_t Struct Reference
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Public Member Functions


Data Fields

volatile u32 ** lockp
dpdk_portid_t device_index
dpdk_portid_t port_id
u32 hw_if_index
u32 sw_if_index
u32 per_interface_next_index
dpdk_pmd_t pmd:8
i8 cpu_socket
u16 flags
u16 nb_tx_desc
u16 num_subifs
u16 tx_q_used
u16 rx_q_used
u16 nb_rx_desc
struct rte_eth_conf port_conf
struct rte_eth_txconf tx_conf
u32 supported_flow_actions
u32 parked_loop_count
struct rte_flow_error last_flow_error
u16 af_packet_instance_num
u16 bond_instance_num
dpdk_portid_t bond_port
struct rte_eth_link link
f64 time_last_link_update
struct rte_eth_stats stats
struct rte_eth_stats last_stats
struct rte_eth_stats last_cleared_stats
struct rte_eth_xstat * xstats
struct rte_eth_xstat * last_cleared_xstats
f64 time_last_stats_update
dpdk_port_type_t port_type

Detailed Description

Definition at line 192 of file dpdk.h.

Member Function Documentation

dpdk_device_t::CLIB_CACHE_LINE_ALIGN_MARK ( cacheline0  )
dpdk_device_t::CLIB_CACHE_LINE_ALIGN_MARK ( cacheline1  )

Field Documentation

u16 dpdk_device_t::af_packet_instance_num

Definition at line 244 of file dpdk.h.

u16 dpdk_device_t::bond_instance_num

Definition at line 245 of file dpdk.h.

dpdk_portid_t dpdk_device_t::bond_port

Definition at line 249 of file dpdk.h.

u8* dpdk_device_t::buffer_pool_for_queue

Definition at line 227 of file dpdk.h.

i8 dpdk_device_t::cpu_socket

Definition at line 210 of file dpdk.h.

u16* dpdk_device_t::cpu_socket_id_by_queue

Definition at line 226 of file dpdk.h.

u8* dpdk_device_t::default_mac_address

Definition at line 263 of file dpdk.h.

dpdk_portid_t dpdk_device_t::device_index

Definition at line 198 of file dpdk.h.

clib_error_t* dpdk_device_t::errors

Definition at line 266 of file dpdk.h.

u16 dpdk_device_t::flags

Definition at line 212 of file dpdk.h.

dpdk_flow_entry_t* dpdk_device_t::flow_entries

Definition at line 233 of file dpdk.h.

dpdk_flow_lookup_entry_t* dpdk_device_t::flow_lookup_entries

Definition at line 234 of file dpdk.h.

dpdk_device_hqos_per_hqos_thread_t* dpdk_device_t::hqos_ht

Definition at line 241 of file dpdk.h.

dpdk_device_hqos_per_worker_thread_t* dpdk_device_t::hqos_wt

Definition at line 240 of file dpdk.h.

u32 dpdk_device_t::hw_if_index

Definition at line 203 of file dpdk.h.

u8* dpdk_device_t::interface_name_suffix

Definition at line 217 of file dpdk.h.

struct rte_eth_stats dpdk_device_t::last_cleared_stats

Definition at line 256 of file dpdk.h.

struct rte_eth_xstat* dpdk_device_t::last_cleared_xstats

Definition at line 258 of file dpdk.h.

struct rte_flow_error dpdk_device_t::last_flow_error

Definition at line 237 of file dpdk.h.

struct rte_eth_stats dpdk_device_t::last_stats

Definition at line 255 of file dpdk.h.

struct rte_eth_link dpdk_device_t::link

Definition at line 251 of file dpdk.h.

volatile u32** dpdk_device_t::lockp

Definition at line 195 of file dpdk.h.

u16 dpdk_device_t::nb_rx_desc

Definition at line 225 of file dpdk.h.

u16 dpdk_device_t::nb_tx_desc

Definition at line 214 of file dpdk.h.

u16 dpdk_device_t::num_subifs

Definition at line 220 of file dpdk.h.

u32* dpdk_device_t::parked_lookup_indexes

Definition at line 235 of file dpdk.h.

u32 dpdk_device_t::parked_loop_count

Definition at line 236 of file dpdk.h.

u32 dpdk_device_t::per_interface_next_index

Definition at line 207 of file dpdk.h.

dpdk_pmd_t dpdk_device_t::pmd

Definition at line 209 of file dpdk.h.

struct rte_eth_conf dpdk_device_t::port_conf

Definition at line 228 of file dpdk.h.

dpdk_portid_t dpdk_device_t::port_id

Definition at line 201 of file dpdk.h.

dpdk_port_type_t dpdk_device_t::port_type

Definition at line 260 of file dpdk.h.

u16 dpdk_device_t::rx_q_used

Definition at line 224 of file dpdk.h.

struct rte_eth_stats dpdk_device_t::stats

Definition at line 254 of file dpdk.h.

u32 dpdk_device_t::supported_flow_actions

Definition at line 232 of file dpdk.h.

u32 dpdk_device_t::sw_if_index

Definition at line 204 of file dpdk.h.

f64 dpdk_device_t::time_last_link_update

Definition at line 252 of file dpdk.h.

f64 dpdk_device_t::time_last_stats_update

Definition at line 259 of file dpdk.h.

struct rte_eth_txconf dpdk_device_t::tx_conf

Definition at line 229 of file dpdk.h.

u16 dpdk_device_t::tx_q_used

Definition at line 223 of file dpdk.h.

struct rte_eth_xstat* dpdk_device_t::xstats

Definition at line 257 of file dpdk.h.

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