FD.io VPP  v18.07.1-13-g909ba93
Vector Packet Processing
VOM::ACL::binding_cmds Namespace Reference

Data Structures

class  bind_cmd
 A command class that binds the ACL to the interface. More...
class  dump_cmd
 A cmd class that Dumps all the ACLs. More...
class  unbind_cmd
 A command class that binds the ACL to the interface. More...


typedef bind_cmd< vapi::Acl_interface_add_del > l3_bind_cmd
 Typedef the L3 ACL binding commands. More...
typedef unbind_cmd< vapi::Acl_interface_add_del > l3_unbind_cmd
typedef dump_cmd< vapi::Acl_interface_list_dump > l3_dump_cmd
typedef bind_cmd< vapi::Macip_acl_interface_add_del > l2_bind_cmd
 Typedef the L2 binding type. More...
typedef unbind_cmd< vapi::Macip_acl_interface_add_del > l2_unbind_cmd
typedef dump_cmd< vapi::Macip_acl_interface_list_dump > l2_dump_cmd

Typedef Documentation

typedef bind_cmd<vapi::Macip_acl_interface_add_del> VOM::ACL::binding_cmds::l2_bind_cmd

Typedef the L2 binding type.

Definition at line 179 of file acl_binding_cmds.hpp.

typedef dump_cmd<vapi::Macip_acl_interface_list_dump> VOM::ACL::binding_cmds::l2_dump_cmd

Definition at line 181 of file acl_binding_cmds.hpp.

typedef unbind_cmd<vapi::Macip_acl_interface_add_del> VOM::ACL::binding_cmds::l2_unbind_cmd

Definition at line 180 of file acl_binding_cmds.hpp.

typedef bind_cmd<vapi::Acl_interface_add_del> VOM::ACL::binding_cmds::l3_bind_cmd

Typedef the L3 ACL binding commands.

Definition at line 172 of file acl_binding_cmds.hpp.

typedef dump_cmd<vapi::Acl_interface_list_dump> VOM::ACL::binding_cmds::l3_dump_cmd

Definition at line 174 of file acl_binding_cmds.hpp.

typedef unbind_cmd<vapi::Acl_interface_add_del> VOM::ACL::binding_cmds::l3_unbind_cmd

Definition at line 173 of file acl_binding_cmds.hpp.