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Vector Packet Processing
igmp_main_t_ Struct Reference

collection of data related to IGMP More...

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Data Fields

u16 msg_id_base
 API base message ID. More...
 API client registered for events. More...
 per-interface DB of configs More...
 the number of igmp configs for each mfib_index (VRF) More...
vlib_log_class_t logger
 logger - VLIB log class More...
 pool of configs More...
 pool of groups More...
 pool of sources More...

Detailed Description

collection of data related to IGMP

Definition at line 62 of file igmp.h.

Field Documentation

vpe_client_registration_t* igmp_main_t_::api_clients

API client registered for events.

Definition at line 74 of file igmp.h.

igmp_config_t* igmp_main_t_::configs

pool of configs

Definition at line 94 of file igmp.h.

igmp_group_t* igmp_main_t_::groups

pool of groups

Definition at line 99 of file igmp.h.

uword* igmp_main_t_::igmp_api_client_by_client_index

Definition at line 69 of file igmp.h.

u32* igmp_main_t_::igmp_config_by_sw_if_index

per-interface DB of configs

Definition at line 79 of file igmp.h.

vlib_log_class_t igmp_main_t_::logger

logger - VLIB log class

Definition at line 89 of file igmp.h.

u16 igmp_main_t_::msg_id_base

API base message ID.

Definition at line 67 of file igmp.h.

u32* igmp_main_t_::n_configs_per_mfib_index

the number of igmp configs for each mfib_index (VRF)

Definition at line 84 of file igmp.h.

igmp_src_t* igmp_main_t_::srcs

pool of sources

Definition at line 103 of file igmp.h.

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