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Vector Packet Processing
vpe_cli.c File Reference
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Data Structures

struct  mac_addr_t


static clib_error_tvirtual_ip_cmd_fn_command_fn (vlib_main_t *vm, unformat_input_t *input, vlib_cli_command_t *cmd)


static vlib_cli_command_t virtual_ip_cmd_fn_command
 (constructor) VLIB_CLI_COMMAND (virtual_ip_cmd_fn_command) More...

Function Documentation

static clib_error_t* virtual_ip_cmd_fn_command_fn ( vlib_main_t vm,
unformat_input_t input,
vlib_cli_command_t cmd 

Definition at line 26 of file vpe_cli.c.

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Variable Documentation

vlib_cli_command_t virtual_ip_cmd_fn_command
Initial value:
= {
.path = "ip virtual",
.short_help = "ip virtual <addr> <interface> [mac <Mi>]+",
static clib_error_t * virtual_ip_cmd_fn_command_fn(vlib_main_t *vm, unformat_input_t *input, vlib_cli_command_t *cmd)
Definition: vpe_cli.c:26

(constructor) VLIB_CLI_COMMAND (virtual_ip_cmd_fn_command)

Definition at line 123 of file vpe_cli.c.