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Vector Packet Processing
mma_template.h File Reference
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Data Structures

struct  RTT
struct  RTT
struct  RTT


#define RT(a)   __rt(a, MMA_RT_TYPE)
#define RTT(a)   __rtt(a, MMA_RT_TYPE)
#define MMA_TABLE_INVALID_INDEX   ((u32)~0)


typedef int(*)(RTT(mma_rule)*rule1, RTT(mma_rule)*rule2 RTT) (rule_cmp_fn)


u32 RT() mma_table_lookup (RTT(mma_rules_table)*srt, RTT(mma_mask_or_match)*key, u32 rule_index)
u32 RT() mma_table_lookup_rule (RTT(mma_rules_table)*srt, RTT(mma_mask_or_match)*key, u32 rule_index)
int RT() mma_table_add_rule (RTT(mma_rules_table)*srt, RTT(mma_rule)*rule)
int RT() mma_table_del_rule (RTT(mma_rules_table)*srt, RTT(mma_rule)*rule, u32 rule_index)
 RTT (mma_rule)*RT(mma_rules_table_rule_alloc)(RTT(mma_rules_table)*srt)
u32 RT() mma_rules_table_rule_index (RTT(mma_rules_table)*srt, RTT(mma_rule)*sr)


u32 srt_index

Macro Definition Documentation

#define MMA_TABLE_INVALID_INDEX   ((u32)~0)

Definition at line 33 of file mma_template.h.

#define RT (   a)    __rt(a, MMA_RT_TYPE)

Definition at line 27 of file mma_template.h.

#define RTT (   a)    __rtt(a, MMA_RT_TYPE)

Definition at line 31 of file mma_template.h.

Typedef Documentation


Definition at line 51 of file mma_template.h.

Function Documentation

u32 RT() mma_rules_table_rule_index ( RTT(mma_rules_table)*  srt,
RTT(mma_rule)*  sr 

Definition at line 77 of file mma_template.c.

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int RT() mma_table_add_rule ( RTT(mma_rules_table)*  srt,
RTT(mma_rule)*  rule 
int RT() mma_table_del_rule ( RTT(mma_rules_table)*  srt,
RTT(mma_rule)*  rule,
u32  rule_index 
u32 RT() mma_table_lookup ( RTT(mma_rules_table)*  srt,
RTT(mma_mask_or_match)*  key,
u32  rule_index 
u32 RT() mma_table_lookup_rule ( RTT(mma_rules_table)*  srt,
RTT(mma_mask_or_match)*  key,
u32  rule_index 
RTT ( mma_rule  )

Variable Documentation

u32 srt_index

Definition at line 80 of file mma_template.h.