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Vector Packet Processing
as.h File Reference
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Data Structures

struct  srv6_as_localsid_t
struct  srv6_as_main_t


#define AS_TYPE_L2   2
#define AS_TYPE_IP4   4
#define AS_TYPE_IP6   6


void srv6_as_dpo_lock (dpo_id_t *dpo)
void srv6_as_dpo_unlock (dpo_id_t *dpo)


srv6_as_main_t srv6_as_main
format_function_t format_srv6_as_localsid
unformat_function_t unformat_srv6_as_localsid
vlib_node_registration_t srv6_as_localsid_node
 (constructor) VLIB_REGISTER_NODE (srv6_as_localsid_node) More...

Macro Definition Documentation

#define AS_TYPE_IP4   4

Definition at line 27 of file as.h.

#define AS_TYPE_IP6   6

Definition at line 28 of file as.h.

#define AS_TYPE_L2   2

Definition at line 26 of file as.h.

Function Documentation

void srv6_as_dpo_lock ( dpo_id_t dpo)

Definition at line 494 of file as.c.

void srv6_as_dpo_unlock ( dpo_id_t dpo)

Definition at line 499 of file as.c.

Variable Documentation

format_function_t format_srv6_as_localsid

Definition at line 73 of file as.h.

vlib_node_registration_t srv6_as_localsid_node

(constructor) VLIB_REGISTER_NODE (srv6_as_localsid_node)

Definition at line 241 of file node.c.

srv6_as_main_t srv6_as_main

Definition at line 71 of file as.h.

unformat_function_t unformat_srv6_as_localsid

Definition at line 74 of file as.h.