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Vector Packet Processing
map_domain_t Struct Reference
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Public Member Functions


Data Fields

ip6_address_t ip6_src
ip6_address_t ip6_prefix
u32 suffix_mask
ip4_address_t ip4_prefix
u16 psid_mask
u16 mtu
map_domain_flags_e flags
u8 ip6_prefix_len
u8 ip6_src_len
u8 ea_bits_len
u8 psid_offset
u8 psid_length
u8 psid_shift
u8 suffix_shift
u8 ea_shift
u8 ip4_prefix_len

Detailed Description

Definition at line 81 of file map.h.

Member Function Documentation

map_domain_t::CLIB_CACHE_LINE_ALIGN_MARK ( cacheline0  )

Field Documentation

u8 map_domain_t::ea_bits_len

Definition at line 95 of file map.h.

u8 map_domain_t::ea_shift

Definition at line 102 of file map.h.

map_domain_flags_e map_domain_t::flags

Definition at line 92 of file map.h.

ip4_address_t map_domain_t::ip4_prefix

Definition at line 89 of file map.h.

u8 map_domain_t::ip4_prefix_len

Definition at line 105 of file map.h.

ip6_address_t map_domain_t::ip6_prefix

Definition at line 86 of file map.h.

u8 map_domain_t::ip6_prefix_len

Definition at line 93 of file map.h.

ip6_address_t map_domain_t::ip6_src

Definition at line 85 of file map.h.

u8 map_domain_t::ip6_src_len

Definition at line 94 of file map.h.

u16 map_domain_t::mtu

Definition at line 91 of file map.h.

u8 map_domain_t::psid_length

Definition at line 97 of file map.h.

u16 map_domain_t::psid_mask

Definition at line 90 of file map.h.

u8 map_domain_t::psid_offset

Definition at line 96 of file map.h.

u8 map_domain_t::psid_shift

Definition at line 100 of file map.h.

ip6_address_t* map_domain_t::rules

Definition at line 87 of file map.h.

u32 map_domain_t::suffix_mask

Definition at line 88 of file map.h.

u8 map_domain_t::suffix_shift

Definition at line 101 of file map.h.

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