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Vector Packet Processing
lisp_cp_main_t Struct Reference
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Data Fields

u32 flags
u8 is_enabled
gid_dictionary_t mapping_index_by_gid
u32 ** locator_to_locator_sets
u32 ** locator_set_to_eids
u32 ** lcl_to_rmt_adjacencies
ip_address_t active_map_resolver
ip_address_t active_map_server
u8 do_map_resolver_election
u8 do_map_server_election
u32 mreq_itr_rlocs
u32 pitr_map_index
u32 petr_map_index
 Proxy ETR map index used for 'use-petr'. More...
u32 nsh_map_index
u8 map_request_mode
u8 map_registering
u8 rloc_probing
timing_wheel_t wheel
map_records_arg_t ** map_records_args_pool
 Per thread pool of records shared with thread0. More...
u32 map_register_ttl
u32 max_expired_map_registers
u32 expired_map_registers
lisp_transport_protocol_t transport_protocol
 either UDP based or binary API. More...

Detailed Description

Definition at line 160 of file control.h.

Field Documentation

ip_address_t lisp_cp_main_t::active_map_resolver

Definition at line 229 of file control.h.

ip_address_t lisp_cp_main_t::active_map_server

Definition at line 230 of file control.h.

uword* lisp_cp_main_t::bd_id_by_vni

Definition at line 243 of file control.h.

u8 lisp_cp_main_t::do_map_resolver_election

Definition at line 232 of file control.h.

u8 lisp_cp_main_t::do_map_server_election

Definition at line 233 of file control.h.

u32 lisp_cp_main_t::expired_map_registers

Definition at line 279 of file control.h.

u32 lisp_cp_main_t::flags

Definition at line 162 of file control.h.

u32* lisp_cp_main_t::fwd_entry_by_mapping_index

Definition at line 196 of file control.h.

fwd_entry_t* lisp_cp_main_t::fwd_entry_pool

Definition at line 205 of file control.h.

ip4_main_t* lisp_cp_main_t::im4

Definition at line 285 of file control.h.

ip6_main_t* lisp_cp_main_t::im6

Definition at line 286 of file control.h.

u8 lisp_cp_main_t::is_enabled

Definition at line 165 of file control.h.

u8* lisp_cp_main_t::key_by_mapping_index

Definition at line 174 of file control.h.

uword* lisp_cp_main_t::l2_dp_intf_by_vni

Definition at line 247 of file control.h.

u32** lisp_cp_main_t::lcl_to_rmt_adjacencies

Definition at line 199 of file control.h.

u32* lisp_cp_main_t::lcl_to_rmt_adjs_by_lcl_idx

Definition at line 202 of file control.h.

u32* lisp_cp_main_t::local_locator_set_indexes

Definition at line 193 of file control.h.

u32* lisp_cp_main_t::local_mappings_indexes

Definition at line 192 of file control.h.

locator_t* lisp_cp_main_t::locator_pool

Definition at line 177 of file control.h.

uword* lisp_cp_main_t::locator_set_index_by_name

Definition at line 186 of file control.h.

locator_set_t* lisp_cp_main_t::locator_set_pool

Definition at line 180 of file control.h.

u32** lisp_cp_main_t::locator_set_to_eids

Definition at line 189 of file control.h.

u32** lisp_cp_main_t::locator_to_locator_sets

Definition at line 183 of file control.h.

map_records_arg_t** lisp_cp_main_t::map_records_args_pool

Per thread pool of records shared with thread0.

Definition at line 272 of file control.h.

uword* lisp_cp_main_t::map_register_messages_by_nonce

Definition at line 217 of file control.h.

u32 lisp_cp_main_t::map_register_ttl

Definition at line 275 of file control.h.

u8 lisp_cp_main_t::map_registering

Definition at line 263 of file control.h.

u8 lisp_cp_main_t::map_request_mode

Definition at line 260 of file control.h.

lisp_msmr_t* lisp_cp_main_t::map_resolvers

Definition at line 220 of file control.h.

lisp_msmr_t* lisp_cp_main_t::map_servers

Definition at line 223 of file control.h.

gid_dictionary_t lisp_cp_main_t::mapping_index_by_gid

Definition at line 168 of file control.h.

mapping_t* lisp_cp_main_t::mapping_pool

Definition at line 171 of file control.h.

u32 lisp_cp_main_t::max_expired_map_registers

Definition at line 278 of file control.h.

u32 lisp_cp_main_t::mreq_itr_rlocs

Definition at line 236 of file control.h.

u32 lisp_cp_main_t::nsh_map_index

Definition at line 257 of file control.h.

pending_map_register_t* lisp_cp_main_t::pending_map_registers_pool

Definition at line 214 of file control.h.

uword* lisp_cp_main_t::pending_map_requests_by_nonce

Definition at line 208 of file control.h.

pending_map_request_t* lisp_cp_main_t::pending_map_requests_pool

Definition at line 211 of file control.h.

u32 lisp_cp_main_t::petr_map_index

Proxy ETR map index used for 'use-petr'.

Not related to PETR tunnel mode

Definition at line 254 of file control.h.

u32 lisp_cp_main_t::pitr_map_index

Definition at line 250 of file control.h.

u8 lisp_cp_main_t::rloc_probing

Definition at line 266 of file control.h.

uword* lisp_cp_main_t::table_id_by_vni

Definition at line 239 of file control.h.

lisp_transport_protocol_t lisp_cp_main_t::transport_protocol

either UDP based or binary API.

Default is UDP

Definition at line 282 of file control.h.

vlib_main_t* lisp_cp_main_t::vlib_main

Definition at line 287 of file control.h.

vnet_main_t* lisp_cp_main_t::vnet_main

Definition at line 288 of file control.h.

uword* lisp_cp_main_t::vni_by_bd_id

Definition at line 244 of file control.h.

uword* lisp_cp_main_t::vni_by_table_id

Definition at line 240 of file control.h.

timing_wheel_t lisp_cp_main_t::wheel

Definition at line 269 of file control.h.

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