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Vector Packet Processing
snat_main_s Struct Reference
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Data Fields

u32 num_workers
u32 first_worker_index
u16 port_per_thread
u32 num_snat_thread
clib_bihash_8_8_t static_mapping_by_local
clib_bihash_8_8_t static_mapping_by_external
u8 psid_offset
u8 psid_length
u16 psid
u32 random_seed
u32 fq_in2out_index
u32 fq_in2out_output_index
u32 fq_out2in_index
u32 in2out_node_index
u32 in2out_output_node_index
u32 out2in_node_index
u32 error_node_index
u8 forwarding_enabled
u8 static_mapping_only
u8 static_mapping_connection_tracking
u8 deterministic
u8 out2in_dpo
u8 endpoint_dependent
u32 translation_buckets
u32 translation_memory_size
u32 max_translations
u32 user_buckets
u32 user_memory_size
u32 max_translations_per_user
u32 outside_vrf_id
u32 outside_fib_index
u32 inside_vrf_id
u32 inside_fib_index
u32 udp_timeout
u32 tcp_established_timeout
u32 tcp_transitory_timeout
u32 icmp_timeout
u16 msg_id_base
vlib_log_class_t log_class

Detailed Description

Definition at line 323 of file nat.h.

Field Documentation

snat_address_t* snat_main_s::addresses

Definition at line 352 of file nat.h.

nat_alloc_out_addr_and_port_function_t* snat_main_s::alloc_addr_and_port

Definition at line 353 of file nat.h.

api_main_t* snat_main_s::api_main

Definition at line 425 of file nat.h.

u32* snat_main_s::auto_add_sw_if_indices

Definition at line 365 of file nat.h.

u32* snat_main_s::auto_add_sw_if_indices_twice_nat

Definition at line 366 of file nat.h.

snat_det_map_t* snat_main_s::det_maps

Definition at line 386 of file nat.h.

u8 snat_main_s::deterministic

Definition at line 394 of file nat.h.

u8 snat_main_s::endpoint_dependent

Definition at line 396 of file nat.h.

u32 snat_main_s::error_node_index

Definition at line 383 of file nat.h.

u32 snat_main_s::first_worker_index

Definition at line 328 of file nat.h.

u8 snat_main_s::forwarding_enabled

Definition at line 389 of file nat.h.

u32 snat_main_s::fq_in2out_index

Definition at line 375 of file nat.h.

u32 snat_main_s::fq_in2out_output_index

Definition at line 376 of file nat.h.

u32 snat_main_s::fq_out2in_index

Definition at line 377 of file nat.h.

snat_icmp_match_function_t* snat_main_s::icmp_match_in2out_cb

Definition at line 324 of file nat.h.

snat_icmp_match_function_t* snat_main_s::icmp_match_out2in_cb

Definition at line 325 of file nat.h.

u32 snat_main_s::icmp_timeout

Definition at line 412 of file nat.h.

u32 snat_main_s::in2out_node_index

Definition at line 380 of file nat.h.

u32 snat_main_s::in2out_output_node_index

Definition at line 381 of file nat.h.

u32 snat_main_s::inside_fib_index

Definition at line 406 of file nat.h.

u32 snat_main_s::inside_vrf_id

Definition at line 405 of file nat.h.

snat_interface_t* snat_main_s::interfaces

Definition at line 348 of file nat.h.

ip_lookup_main_t* snat_main_s::ip4_lookup_main

Definition at line 424 of file nat.h.

ip4_main_t* snat_main_s::ip4_main

Definition at line 423 of file nat.h.

vlib_log_class_t snat_main_s::log_class

Definition at line 418 of file nat.h.

u32 snat_main_s::max_translations

Definition at line 399 of file nat.h.

u32 snat_main_s::max_translations_per_user

Definition at line 402 of file nat.h.

u16 snat_main_s::msg_id_base

Definition at line 415 of file nat.h.

u32 snat_main_s::num_snat_thread

Definition at line 333 of file nat.h.

u32 snat_main_s::num_workers

Definition at line 327 of file nat.h.

u8 snat_main_s::out2in_dpo

Definition at line 395 of file nat.h.

u32 snat_main_s::out2in_node_index

Definition at line 382 of file nat.h.

snat_interface_t* snat_main_s::output_feature_interfaces

Definition at line 349 of file nat.h.

u32 snat_main_s::outside_fib_index

Definition at line 404 of file nat.h.

nat_outside_fib_t* snat_main_s::outside_fibs

Definition at line 359 of file nat.h.

u32 snat_main_s::outside_vrf_id

Definition at line 403 of file nat.h.

snat_main_per_thread_data_t* snat_main_s::per_thread_data

Definition at line 336 of file nat.h.

u16 snat_main_s::port_per_thread

Definition at line 332 of file nat.h.

u16 snat_main_s::psid

Definition at line 356 of file nat.h.

u8 snat_main_s::psid_length

Definition at line 355 of file nat.h.

u8 snat_main_s::psid_offset

Definition at line 354 of file nat.h.

u32 snat_main_s::random_seed

Definition at line 372 of file nat.h.

clib_bihash_8_8_t snat_main_s::static_mapping_by_external

Definition at line 342 of file nat.h.

clib_bihash_8_8_t snat_main_s::static_mapping_by_local

Definition at line 339 of file nat.h.

u8 snat_main_s::static_mapping_connection_tracking

Definition at line 393 of file nat.h.

u8 snat_main_s::static_mapping_only

Definition at line 392 of file nat.h.

snat_static_mapping_t* snat_main_s::static_mappings

Definition at line 345 of file nat.h.

u32 snat_main_s::tcp_established_timeout

Definition at line 410 of file nat.h.

u32 snat_main_s::tcp_transitory_timeout

Definition at line 411 of file nat.h.

snat_static_map_resolve_t* snat_main_s::to_resolve

Definition at line 369 of file nat.h.

u32 snat_main_s::translation_buckets

Definition at line 397 of file nat.h.

u32 snat_main_s::translation_memory_size

Definition at line 398 of file nat.h.

snat_address_t* snat_main_s::twice_nat_addresses

Definition at line 362 of file nat.h.

u32 snat_main_s::udp_timeout

Definition at line 409 of file nat.h.

u32 snat_main_s::user_buckets

Definition at line 400 of file nat.h.

u32 snat_main_s::user_memory_size

Definition at line 401 of file nat.h.

vlib_main_t* snat_main_s::vlib_main

Definition at line 421 of file nat.h.

vnet_main_t* snat_main_s::vnet_main

Definition at line 422 of file nat.h.

snat_get_worker_function_t* snat_main_s::worker_in2out_cb

Definition at line 330 of file nat.h.

snat_get_worker_function_t* snat_main_s::worker_out2in_cb

Definition at line 331 of file nat.h.

u32* snat_main_s::workers

Definition at line 329 of file nat.h.

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