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Vector Packet Processing
nat64_main_t Struct Reference
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Data Fields

 Interface pool. More...
 Address pool vector. More...
 sw_if_indices whose interface addresses should be auto-added More...
 Pref64 vector. More...
 BIB and session DB per thread. More...
u32 fq_in2out_index
 Worker handoff. More...
u32 fq_out2in_index
 Pool of static BIB entries to be added/deleted in worker threads. More...
u32 error_node_index
u32 bib_buckets
 config parameters More...
u32 bib_memory_size
u32 st_buckets
u32 st_memory_size
u32 udp_timeout
 values of various timeouts More...
u32 icmp_timeout
u32 tcp_trans_timeout
u32 tcp_est_timeout
u32 tcp_incoming_syn_timeout
u32 total_enabled_count
u32 nat64_expire_walk_node_index

Detailed Description

Definition at line 68 of file nat64.h.

Field Documentation

snat_address_t* nat64_main_t::addr_pool

Address pool vector.

Definition at line 74 of file nat64.h.

u32* nat64_main_t::auto_add_sw_if_indices

sw_if_indices whose interface addresses should be auto-added

Definition at line 77 of file nat64.h.

u32 nat64_main_t::bib_buckets

config parameters

Definition at line 95 of file nat64.h.

u32 nat64_main_t::bib_memory_size

Definition at line 96 of file nat64.h.

nat64_db_t* nat64_main_t::db

BIB and session DB per thread.

Definition at line 83 of file nat64.h.

u32 nat64_main_t::error_node_index

Definition at line 92 of file nat64.h.

u32 nat64_main_t::fq_in2out_index

Worker handoff.

Definition at line 86 of file nat64.h.

u32 nat64_main_t::fq_out2in_index

Definition at line 87 of file nat64.h.

u32 nat64_main_t::icmp_timeout

Definition at line 102 of file nat64.h.

snat_interface_t* nat64_main_t::interfaces

Interface pool.

Definition at line 71 of file nat64.h.

ip4_main_t* nat64_main_t::ip4_main

Definition at line 112 of file nat64.h.

u32 nat64_main_t::nat64_expire_walk_node_index

Definition at line 110 of file nat64.h.

nat64_prefix_t* nat64_main_t::pref64

Pref64 vector.

Definition at line 80 of file nat64.h.

snat_main_t* nat64_main_t::sm

Definition at line 113 of file nat64.h.

u32 nat64_main_t::st_buckets

Definition at line 97 of file nat64.h.

u32 nat64_main_t::st_memory_size

Definition at line 98 of file nat64.h.

nat64_static_bib_to_update_t* nat64_main_t::static_bibs

Pool of static BIB entries to be added/deleted in worker threads.

Definition at line 90 of file nat64.h.

u32 nat64_main_t::tcp_est_timeout

Definition at line 104 of file nat64.h.

u32 nat64_main_t::tcp_incoming_syn_timeout

Definition at line 105 of file nat64.h.

u32 nat64_main_t::tcp_trans_timeout

Definition at line 103 of file nat64.h.

u32 nat64_main_t::total_enabled_count

Definition at line 108 of file nat64.h.

u32 nat64_main_t::udp_timeout

values of various timeouts

Definition at line 101 of file nat64.h.

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