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Vector Packet Processing
stats_main_t Struct Reference
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Data Fields

void * mheap
pthread_t thread_self
pthread_t thread_handle
u32 stats_poll_interval_in_seconds
u32 enable_poller
uword ** stats_registration_hash
vpe_client_stats_registration_t ** stats_registrations
clib_longjmp_t jmp_buf
do_ip46_fibs_t do_ip46_fibs
vpe_client_stats_registration_t ** regs_tmp
vpe_client_registration_t ** clients_tmp
ssvm_private_t stat_segment
uword memory_size
u8 serialize_nodes
u64 last_input_packets
vlib_main_t ** stat_vms
vlib_node_t *** node_dups

Detailed Description

Definition at line 103 of file stats.h.

Field Documentation

api_main_t* stats_main_t::api_main

Definition at line 195 of file stats.h.

vpe_client_registration_t** stats_main_t::clients_tmp

Definition at line 162 of file stats.h.

uword* stats_main_t::counter_vector_by_name

Definition at line 166 of file stats.h.

data_structure_lock_t* stats_main_t::data_structure_lock

Definition at line 149 of file stats.h.

do_ip46_fibs_t stats_main_t::do_ip46_fibs

Definition at line 155 of file stats.h.

u32 stats_main_t::enable_poller

Definition at line 110 of file stats.h.

f64* stats_main_t::input_rate_ptr

Definition at line 174 of file stats.h.

vnet_interface_main_t* stats_main_t::interface_main

Definition at line 194 of file stats.h.

clib_longjmp_t stats_main_t::jmp_buf

Definition at line 152 of file stats.h.

u64 stats_main_t::last_input_packets

Definition at line 178 of file stats.h.

f64* stats_main_t::last_runtime_ptr

Definition at line 175 of file stats.h.

f64* stats_main_t::last_runtime_stats_clear_ptr

Definition at line 176 of file stats.h.

uword stats_main_t::memory_size

Definition at line 170 of file stats.h.

void* stats_main_t::mheap

Definition at line 105 of file stats.h.

vlib_node_t*** stats_main_t::node_dups

Definition at line 183 of file stats.h.

vpe_client_stats_registration_t** stats_main_t::regs_tmp

Definition at line 161 of file stats.h.

u8 stats_main_t::serialize_nodes

Definition at line 171 of file stats.h.

u8* stats_main_t::serialized_nodes

Definition at line 181 of file stats.h.

clib_socket_t* stats_main_t::socket

Definition at line 168 of file stats.h.

u8* stats_main_t::socket_name

Definition at line 169 of file stats.h.

ssvm_private_t stats_main_t::stat_segment

Definition at line 165 of file stats.h.

clib_spinlock_t* stats_main_t::stat_segment_lockp

Definition at line 167 of file stats.h.

vlib_main_t** stats_main_t::stat_vms

Definition at line 182 of file stats.h.

u32 stats_main_t::stats_poll_interval_in_seconds

Definition at line 109 of file stats.h.

uword** stats_main_t::stats_registration_hash

Definition at line 145 of file stats.h.

vpe_client_stats_registration_t** stats_main_t::stats_registrations

Definition at line 146 of file stats.h.

pthread_t stats_main_t::thread_handle

Definition at line 107 of file stats.h.

pthread_t stats_main_t::thread_self

Definition at line 106 of file stats.h.

f64* stats_main_t::vector_rate_drop

Definition at line 188 of file stats.h.

f64* stats_main_t::vector_rate_in

Definition at line 186 of file stats.h.

f64* stats_main_t::vector_rate_out

Definition at line 187 of file stats.h.

f64* stats_main_t::vector_rate_ptr

Definition at line 177 of file stats.h.

f64* stats_main_t::vector_rate_punt

Definition at line 189 of file stats.h.

f64* stats_main_t::vectors_per_node

Definition at line 185 of file stats.h.

vlib_main_t* stats_main_t::vlib_main

Definition at line 192 of file stats.h.

vnet_main_t* stats_main_t::vnet_main

Definition at line 193 of file stats.h.

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