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Vector Packet Processing
trace_profile_ Struct Reference

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Data Fields

u8 valid:1
u8 trace_type
u8 num_elts
u32 node_id
u32 app_data
u32 trace_tsp

Detailed Description


On any node that participates in iOAM Trace.

Step 1: Initialize this library by calling trace_init() Step 2: Setup a trace profile that contains all the parameters needed to compute cumulative: Call these functions: trace_profile_find trace_profile_create Step 2a: On initial node enable the profile to be used: trace_profile_set_active / trace_profile_get_active will return the profile Step 4: TBD trace_validate

Definition at line 41 of file trace_util.h.

Field Documentation

u32 trace_profile_::app_data

Definition at line 48 of file trace_util.h.

u32 trace_profile_::node_id

Definition at line 47 of file trace_util.h.

u8 trace_profile_::num_elts

Definition at line 45 of file trace_util.h.

u32 trace_profile_::trace_tsp

Definition at line 49 of file trace_util.h.

u8 trace_profile_::trace_type

Definition at line 44 of file trace_util.h.

u8 trace_profile_::valid

Definition at line 43 of file trace_util.h.

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