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Vector Packet Processing
mc_main_t Struct Reference
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Data Fields

mc_relay_state_t relay_state
u32 we_can_be_relay_master
u64 relay_master_peer_id
mhash_t mastership_peer_index_by_id
mc_transport_t transport
u32 relay_global_sequence
vlib_one_time_waiting_process_t ** procs_waiting_for_stream_name_pool
int joins_in_progress
u32 mastership_process
u32 join_ager_process
u32 retry_process
u32 catchup_process
u32 unserialize_process
mc_serialize_msg_t ** global_msgs
serialize_main_t serialize_mains [VLIB_N_RX_TX]
vlib_serialize_buffer_main_t serialize_buffer_mains [VLIB_N_RX_TX]
struct vlib_main_tvlib_main
mhash_t elog_id_by_peer_id

Detailed Description

Definition at line 530 of file mc.h.

Field Documentation

u32 mc_main_t::catchup_process

Definition at line 569 of file mc.h.

mc_catchup_process_arg_t* mc_main_t::catchup_process_args

Definition at line 562 of file mc.h.

uword* mc_main_t::elog_id_by_msg_name

Definition at line 590 of file mc.h.

mhash_t mc_main_t::elog_id_by_peer_id

Definition at line 588 of file mc.h.

elog_main_t* mc_main_t::elog_main

Definition at line 585 of file mc.h.

uword* mc_main_t::global_msg_index_by_name

Definition at line 576 of file mc.h.

mc_serialize_msg_t** mc_main_t::global_msgs

Definition at line 573 of file mc.h.

u32 mc_main_t::join_ager_process

Definition at line 567 of file mc.h.

int mc_main_t::joins_in_progress

Definition at line 560 of file mc.h.

mhash_t mc_main_t::mastership_peer_index_by_id

Definition at line 542 of file mc.h.

mc_mastership_peer_t* mc_main_t::mastership_peers

Definition at line 539 of file mc.h.

u32 mc_main_t::mastership_process

Definition at line 566 of file mc.h.

mc_stream_and_buffer_t* mc_main_t::mc_unserialize_stream_and_buffers

Definition at line 593 of file mc.h.

uword* mc_main_t::procs_waiting_for_stream_name_by_name

Definition at line 556 of file mc.h.

vlib_one_time_waiting_process_t** mc_main_t::procs_waiting_for_stream_name_pool

Definition at line 558 of file mc.h.

u32 mc_main_t::relay_global_sequence

Definition at line 548 of file mc.h.

u64 mc_main_t::relay_master_peer_id

Definition at line 537 of file mc.h.

mc_relay_state_t mc_main_t::relay_state

Definition at line 532 of file mc.h.

u32 mc_main_t::retry_process

Definition at line 568 of file mc.h.

vlib_serialize_buffer_main_t mc_main_t::serialize_buffer_mains[VLIB_N_RX_TX]

Definition at line 581 of file mc.h.

serialize_main_t mc_main_t::serialize_mains[VLIB_N_RX_TX]

Definition at line 579 of file mc.h.

uword* mc_main_t::stream_index_by_name

Definition at line 554 of file mc.h.

mc_stream_t* mc_main_t::stream_vector

Definition at line 551 of file mc.h.

mc_transport_t mc_main_t::transport

Definition at line 545 of file mc.h.

u32 mc_main_t::unserialize_process

Definition at line 570 of file mc.h.

struct vlib_main_t* mc_main_t::vlib_main

Definition at line 584 of file mc.h.

u32 mc_main_t::we_can_be_relay_master

Definition at line 535 of file mc.h.

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