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Vector Packet Processing
elog_main_t Struct Reference
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Data Fields

u32 n_total_events
u32 n_total_events_disable_limit
elog_event_t dummy_event
uword event_ring_size
char * string_table
elog_track_t default_track
clib_time_t cpu_timer
elog_time_stamp_t init_time
elog_time_stamp_t serialize_time
f64 nsec_per_cpu_clock

Detailed Description

Definition at line 122 of file elog.h.

Field Documentation

clib_time_t elog_main_t::cpu_timer

Definition at line 157 of file elog.h.

elog_track_t elog_main_t::default_track

Definition at line 154 of file elog.h.

elog_event_t elog_main_t::dummy_event

Definition at line 132 of file elog.h.

elog_event_t* elog_main_t::event_ring

Definition at line 139 of file elog.h.

uword elog_main_t::event_ring_size

Definition at line 135 of file elog.h.

uword* elog_main_t::event_type_by_format

Definition at line 145 of file elog.h.

elog_event_type_t* elog_main_t::event_types

Definition at line 142 of file elog.h.

elog_event_t* elog_main_t::events

Definition at line 169 of file elog.h.

elog_time_stamp_t elog_main_t::init_time

Definition at line 159 of file elog.h.

uword* elog_main_t::lock

Definition at line 162 of file elog.h.

u32 elog_main_t::n_total_events

Definition at line 125 of file elog.h.

u32 elog_main_t::n_total_events_disable_limit

Definition at line 129 of file elog.h.

f64 elog_main_t::nsec_per_cpu_clock

Definition at line 166 of file elog.h.

elog_time_stamp_t elog_main_t::serialize_time

Definition at line 159 of file elog.h.

char* elog_main_t::string_table

Definition at line 148 of file elog.h.

elog_track_t* elog_main_t::tracks

Definition at line 151 of file elog.h.

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