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Vector Packet Processing
ip4_header_t Union Reference
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Public Member Functions

 CLIB_PACKED (struct{u64 checksum_data_64[2];u32 checksum_data_64_32[1];})
 CLIB_PACKED (struct{u32 checksum_data_32[5];})

Data Fields

struct {
   u8   ip_version_and_header_length
   u8   tos
   u16   length
   u16   fragment_id
   u16   flags_and_fragment_offset
   u8   ttl
   u8   protocol
   u16   checksum
   union {
      struct {
         ip4_address_t   src_address
         ip4_address_t   dst_address
      ip4_address_pair_t   address_pair

Detailed Description

Definition at line 125 of file ip4_packet.h.

Member Function Documentation

ip4_header_t::CLIB_PACKED ( struct{u64 checksum_data_64[2];u32 checksum_data_64_32[1];}  )
ip4_header_t::CLIB_PACKED ( struct{u32 checksum_data_32[5];}  )

Field Documentation

struct { ... }
ip4_address_pair_t ip4_header_t::address_pair

Definition at line 165 of file ip4_packet.h.

u16 ip4_header_t::checksum

Definition at line 156 of file ip4_packet.h.

ip4_address_t ip4_header_t::dst_address

Definition at line 163 of file ip4_packet.h.

u16 ip4_header_t::flags_and_fragment_offset

Definition at line 144 of file ip4_packet.h.

u16 ip4_header_t::fragment_id

Definition at line 140 of file ip4_packet.h.

u8 ip4_header_t::ip_version_and_header_length

Definition at line 131 of file ip4_packet.h.

u16 ip4_header_t::length

Definition at line 137 of file ip4_packet.h.

u8 ip4_header_t::protocol

Definition at line 153 of file ip4_packet.h.

ip4_address_t ip4_header_t::src_address

Definition at line 163 of file ip4_packet.h.

u8 ip4_header_t::tos

Definition at line 134 of file ip4_packet.h.

u8 ip4_header_t::ttl

Definition at line 150 of file ip4_packet.h.

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