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Vector Packet Processing
thread.c File Reference
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static clib_error_tdpdk_launch_thread (void *fp, vlib_worker_thread_t *w, unsigned lcore_id)
static clib_error_tdpdk_thread_set_lcore (u32 thread, u16 lcore)
static clib_error_tdpdk_thread_init (vlib_main_t *vm)


static vlib_thread_callbacks_t callbacks

Function Documentation

static clib_error_t* dpdk_launch_thread ( void *  fp,
vlib_worker_thread_t w,
unsigned  lcore_id 

Definition at line 49 of file thread.c.

static clib_error_t* dpdk_thread_init ( vlib_main_t vm)

Definition at line 70 of file thread.c.

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static clib_error_t* dpdk_thread_set_lcore ( u32  thread,
u16  lcore 

Definition at line 59 of file thread.c.

Variable Documentation

vlib_thread_callbacks_t callbacks
Initial value:
= {
.vlib_launch_thread_cb = &dpdk_launch_thread,
.vlib_thread_set_lcore_cb = &dpdk_thread_set_lcore,
static clib_error_t * dpdk_thread_set_lcore(u32 thread, u16 lcore)
Definition: thread.c:59
static clib_error_t * dpdk_launch_thread(void *fp, vlib_worker_thread_t *w, unsigned lcore_id)
Definition: thread.c:49

Definition at line 64 of file thread.c.