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xxhash.h File Reference
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#define PRIME64_1   11400714785074694791ULL
#define PRIME64_2   14029467366897019727ULL
#define PRIME64_3   1609587929392839161ULL
#define PRIME64_4   9650029242287828579ULL
#define PRIME64_5   2870177450012600261ULL
#define XXH_rotl64(x, r)   ((x << r) | (x >> (64 - r)))


static u64 clib_xxhash (u64 key)

Macro Definition Documentation

#define PRIME64_1   11400714785074694791ULL

Definition at line 50 of file xxhash.h.

#define PRIME64_2   14029467366897019727ULL

Definition at line 51 of file xxhash.h.

#define PRIME64_3   1609587929392839161ULL

Definition at line 52 of file xxhash.h.

#define PRIME64_4   9650029242287828579ULL

Definition at line 53 of file xxhash.h.

#define PRIME64_5   2870177450012600261ULL

Definition at line 54 of file xxhash.h.

#define XXH_rotl64 (   x,
)    ((x << r) | (x >> (64 - r)))

Definition at line 55 of file xxhash.h.

Function Documentation

static u64 clib_xxhash ( u64  key)

Definition at line 58 of file xxhash.h.

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