FD.io VPP  v17.04-9-g99c0734
Vector Packet Processing
ip6_fib_walk_ctx_t_ Struct Reference

Context when walking the IPv6 table. More...

Data Fields

u32 i6w_fib_index
fib_table_walk_fn_t i6w_fn
void * i6w_ctx

Detailed Description

Context when walking the IPv6 table.

Since all VRFs are in the same hash table, we need to filter only those we need as we walk

Definition at line 472 of file ip6_fib.c.

Field Documentation

void* ip6_fib_walk_ctx_t_::i6w_ctx

Definition at line 476 of file ip6_fib.c.

u32 ip6_fib_walk_ctx_t_::i6w_fib_index

Definition at line 474 of file ip6_fib.c.

fib_table_walk_fn_t ip6_fib_walk_ctx_t_::i6w_fn

Definition at line 475 of file ip6_fib.c.

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