K8s Container MemifΒΆ

CSIT includes tests of VPP topologies running in K8s orchestrated Pods/Containers and connected over memif virtual interfaces. In order to provide simple topology coding flexibility and extensibility container orchestration is done with Kubernetes using Docker images for all container applications including VPP. Ligato is used for the Pod/Container networking orchestration that is integrated with K8s, including memif support.

In these tests VPP vswitch runs in a K8s Pod with Docker Container (DRC) handling NIC interfaces and connecting over memif to more instances of VPP running in Pods/DRCs. All DRCs run in a priviliged mode with VPP data plane worker threads pinned to dedicated physical CPU cores per usual CSIT practice. All VPP instances run the same version of software. This test topology is equivalent to existing tests with vhost-user and VMs as described earlier in Physical Testbeds.

Further documentation is available in Container Orchestration in CSIT.