Release Notes

Changes in CSIT-1901

    • Service density 2n-skx tests: Network Function Virtualization (NFV) service density tests focus on measuring total per server throughput at varied NFV service packing densities with vswitch providing host dataplane. The goal is to compare and contrast performance of a shared vswitch for different network topologies and virtualization technologies, and their impact on vswitch performance and efficiency in a range of NFV service configurations.
    • Experimental Soak Tests: Added performamce soak tests framework code for extended time duration tests and throughput discovery at given PLR and at give total test time e.g. minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years. See updated Test Methodology section for more details.
    • Container code optimizations: Optimized container library allows to run containre_memif tests faster.
    • CSIT PAPI Support: Continue converting existing VAT L1 keywords to PAPI L1 KWs in CSIT using VPP Python bindings. Required for migrating away from VAT.
    • General Code Housekeeping: Ongoing RF keywords optimizations, removal of redundant RF keywords.
    • Graphs Layout Improvements: Improved performance graphs layout for better readibility and maintenance: test grouping, axis labels, descriptions, other informative decoration.

Known Issues

List of known issues in CSIT-1901 for VPP performance tests:

# JiraID Issue Description
1 CSIT-570 Sporadic (1 in 200) NDR discovery test failures on x520. DPDK reporting rx-errors, indicating L1 issue. Suspected issue with HW combination of X710-X520 in LF testbeds. Not observed outside of LF testbeds.
2 VPP-1562 Link bonding (mode LACP, transmit policy l34) test are failing due to VPP crashing producing core dump.
3 CSIT-1427 Scale HW IPsec are failing due to issue with selecting ipsec backend in VPP.
4 VPP-1563 AVF L2patch tests are failing for all packet size and core combination. Reason: null-node blackholed packets in show error.
5 CSIT-1234 VPP IPSecHW/IPSecsW scale interface mode, low NDR and PDR 64B throughput in 3n-hsw testbeds, in CSIT-19.01 vs. CSIT-18.10.
6 CSIT-1428 VM vhost tests with RXQ 2 and more are failing and reporting incorrect measurements due to RXQ configuration issue.
7 CSIT-1431 AVF 4 cores tests are sporadically failing.