Current vs. Previous Release

Relative comparison of VPP packet throughput (NDR, PDR and MRR) between VPP-18.10 release and VPP-18.07 release (measured for CSIT-1810 and CSIT-1807 respectively) is calculated from results of tests running on 3-Node Intel Xeon Haswell testbeds (3n-hsw) in 1-core, 2-core and 4-core (MRR only) configurations.

Listed mean and standard deviation values are computed based on a series of the same tests executed against respective VPP releases to verify test results repeatability, with percentage change calculated for mean values. Note that the standard deviation is quite high for a small number of packet throughput tests, what indicates poor test results repeatability and makes the relative change of mean throughput value not fully representative for these tests. The root causes behind poor results repeatability vary between the test cases.


Test results have been generated by test executor vpp performance job 3n-hsw, with RF result files csit-vpp-perf-1810-*.zip archived here.