2.4. Packet Latency GraphsΒΆ

Plotted results are generated from a single execution of CSIT NDR discovery test. Box plots are used to show the Minimum, Median and Maximum packet latency per test.

Title of each graph is a regex (regular expression) matching all throughput test cases plotted on this graph, X-axis labels are indices of individual test suites executed by FD.io test executor vpp performance jobs that created result output file used as data source for the graph, Y-axis labels are measured packet Latency [uSec] values, and the Graph legend lists the plotted test suites and their indices. Latency is reported for concurrent symmetric bi-directional flows, separately for each direction: i) West-to-East: TGint1-to-SUT1-to-SUT2-to-TGint2, and ii) East-to-West: TGint2-to-SUT2-to-SUT1-to-TGint1.


Test results have been generated by FD.io test executor vpp performance jobs with Robot Framework result files csit-vpp-perf-*.zip archived here.