Soak Tests

Long duration (30 minutes per test) soak tests are executed using PLRsearch algorithm. As the tests take long time, only 12 test cases were executed, two runs each.

Additional information about graph data:

  1. Graph Title: describes type of tests and soak test duration.

  2. X-axis Labels: indices of test suites.

  3. Y-axis Labels: estimated lower bounds for critical rate value in [Mpps].

  4. Graph Legend: list of X-axis indices with CSIT test cases.

  5. Hover Information: in general lists minimum, first quartile, median, third quartile, and maximum. As only two samples are used, minimum and maximum are not distinguished from quartiles.


Test results are stored in build logs from vpp performance job 2n-icx, build logs from vpp performance job 2n-clx with RF result files csit-vpp-perf-2302-*.zip archived here.