Release Notes

Changes in CSIT-2106


    • AF_XDP: Added af_xdp driver support for all test cases. Test results will be added in sub-sequent CSIT-2106 report.

    • GTPU tunnel: Added GTPU HW Offload IPv4 routing tests.

    • Intel Xeon Ice Lake: Added initial test data for these platforms. Current CSIT-2106 report data for Intel Xeon Ice Lake comes from an external source (Intel labs running CSIT code on “8360Y D Stepping” and “6338N” processors). For details about the physical setup see Physical Testbeds. Tested VPP and CSIT versions are pre-release, VPP 21.06-rc0~779-gd640ae52f.

    • MLRsearch improvements: Added support for multiple packet throughput rates in a single search, each rate is associated with a distinct Packet Loss Ratio (PLR) criterion. Previously only Non Drop Rate (NDR) (PLR=0) and single Partial Drop Rate (PDR) (PLR<0.5%) were supported. Implemented number of optimizations improving rate discovery efficiency.

    • Reduction of tests: Removed obsolete VPP use cases and superfluous test combinations from continuous and report test executions, including:

      • All vts tests, obsolete use cases.

      • dot1q tests apart from dot1q-l2bd, superfluous combinations.

      • -100flows, -100kflows in all acl tests.

      • nat44 tests

        • -pps tests, replaced by -tput tests.

        • h1-p1-s1 single session tests, unessential combination.

        • h4096-p63-s258048 tests, unessential scale combination.

      • ipsec tests

        • ethip4ipsectptlispgpe.

        • policy-aes128gcm.

        • policy-aes128cbc-hmac256sha.

        • policy-aes128cbc-hmac512sha.

        • int-aes128cbc-hmac256sha.

        • scale of

          • 400tnlsw.

          • 5000tnlsw.

          • 20000tnlsw.

          • 60000tnlsw.


    • Telemetry retouch: Refactored telemetry retrieval from DUTs and SUTs. Included VPP perfmon plugin telemetry with all perfmon bundles available in VPP release.

    • Upgrade to Ubuntu 20.04 LTS: Re-installed base operating system to Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS. Upgrade included also baseline Docker containers used for spawning topology.

    • CSIT test environment version has been updated to ver. 7, see Environment Versioning.

    • CSIT in AWS environment: Added CSIT support for AWS c5n instances environment. Test results will be added in sub-sequent CSIT-2106 report.

    • CSIT PAPI support: Due to issues with PAPI performance, VAT is still used in CSIT for all VPP scale tests. See known issues below.

    • General Code Housekeeping: Ongoing code optimizations and bug fixes.


    • Graphs improvements: Updated Packet Latency graphs, see Packet Latency.

Known Issues

List of known issues in CSIT-2106 for VPP performance tests:



Issue Description



Multicore AVF tests are failing when trying to create interface.



Adapt ramp-up phase of nat44 tests for different frame sizes. Currently ramp-up phase rate and duration values are correctly set for tests with 64B frame size.



All CSIT scale tests can not use PAPI due to much slower performance compared to VAT/CLI (it takes much longer to program VPP). This needs to be addressed on the PAPI side. The usual PAPI library spends too much time parsing arguments, so even with async processing (hundreds of commands in flight over socket), the VPP configuration for large scale tests (millions of messages) takes too long.




AVF driver does not perform RSS in a deterministic way. This increases standard deviation of tests with small number of flows (mainly ipsec).

Root Cause Analysis for Performance Changes

List of RCAs in CSIT-2106 for VPP performance changes:



Issue Description



One VPP change has decreased performance of NAT44ed processing, both slow path and fast path.