Capturing VPP core dumps

In order to debug a crash of VPP, it is required to provide a coredump file, which allows backtracing of the VPP issue. The following items are the requirements for capturing a coredump:

1. Disable k8s Probes to Prevent k8s from Restarting the POD with a Crashed VPP

As described in

2. Modify VPP Startup config file

In /etc/vpp/contiv-vswitch.conf, add the following lines into the unix section:

unix {
    coredump-size unlimited

3. Turn on Coredumps in the Vswitch Container

After re-deploying Contiv-VPP networking, enter bash shell in the vswitch container (use actual name of the vswitch POD - contiv-vswitch-7whk7 in this case):

kubectl exec -it contiv-vswitch-7whk7 -n kube-system -c contiv-vswitch bash

Enable coredumps:

mkdir -p /tmp/dumps
sysctl -w debug.exception-trace=1
sysctl -w kernel.core_pattern="/tmp/dumps/%e-%t"
ulimit -c unlimited
echo 2 > /proc/sys/fs/suid_dumpable

4. Let VPP Crash

Now repeat the steps that lead to the VPP crash. You can also force VPP to crash at the point where it is running (e.g., if it is stuck) by using the SIGQUIT signal:

kill -3 `pidof vpp`

5. Locate and Inspect the Core File

The core file should appear in /tmp/dumps in the container:

cd /tmp/dumps

You can try to backtrace, after installing gdb:

apt-get update && apt-get install gdb
gdb vpp vpp_main-1524124440
(gdb) bt

6. Copy the Core File Out of the Container

Finally, copy the core file out of the container. First, while still inside the container, pack the core file into an archive:

cd /tmp/dumps
tar cvzf vppdump.tar.gz vpp_main-1524124440

Now, on the host, determine the docker ID of the container, and then copy the file out of the host:

docker ps | grep vswitch_contiv
d7aceb2e4876        c43a70ac3d01                                             "/usr/bin/supervisor…"   25 minutes ago      Up 25 minutes                           k8s_contiv-vswitch_contiv-vswitch-zqzn6_kube-system_9923952f-43a6-11e8-be84-080027de08ea_0

docker cp d7aceb2e4876:/tmp/dumps/vppdump.tar.gz .

Now you are ready to file a bug in and attach the core file.